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.Differentiate Per Stirpes distribution from Per Capita distribution. How do ademptions differ from abatements?



1.How might a validly executed will be revoked? What means are available to change or modify a will? When, if ever, is a will irrevocable?



2,What distinctions exist between the specific gifts, general gifts, and residuary gifts?


3. Is there a recognized right to die within any of the states? What distinguishes euthanasia from physician-assisted suicide?


4. What are the essential elements of the creation of a valid will? Must every valid will have witnesses?


5. What are the parameters of a holographic will? How does a holographic will differ from a nuncupative will?


6.What are the formal names of gifts of real property and personal property named in a will? Must a beneficiary accept a gift by will?


7.Differentiate Per Stirpes distribution from Per Capita

distribution. How do ademptions differ from abatements?

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