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Identify the various types of organ and/or blood donation/transplant services offered in the country.

Organ donation/Blood donation

There are multiple sections to this assignment which requires “thinking outside the box”, so please follow the guidelines below and address each carefully.

For this assignment,  select a country starting with the letter A,B,or C.

Everyone is aware of the blood drives that are often conducted. For this assignment, you are required to do the following for the country of their choice:

A. Identify the various types of organ and/or blood donation/transplant services offered in the country;

B. Any statistical information regarding organ/blood donation and procurement;

C. Provide a descriptive analysis of that countries efforts to increase organ/blood/etc. donation in that country, by utilizing the concepts of Marketing Mix and SWOT analysis;

D. Some ethical behaviors and concern related to organ/blood/etc. procurement tactics;

E. Impact of culture, belief, behavioral, etc. aspects in that country which can help or deter organ procurement and transplant;

F. Lastly, please write in brief your own personal perceptions and beliefs pertaining to organ/blood donation and procurement.

PLEASE, provide appropriate labels to each of your sections and subsections.

6 pages and cite accordingly. Thanks

DUE BY 4:00PM 06/30/2016 (24 HOURS)

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