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Should the Internet be regulated? Who controls the right of free speech?


Based on the Chertoff video, please select at least two of the discussion questions below. Because I’m asking for opinion, you do not have to cite it, although if you can – all the better to support your position. Remember that others will have differing opinions – no flames!

1.  Companies state that YOUR information is their most valuable asset. What right should/do you have to control the information about you?   Should companies be allowed to collect and aggregate your data (from search engines, email, social media sites, shopper loyalty cards, utility records, warranty records, etc.) and sell it to other companies?

2.  Should the Internet be regulated? Who controls the right of free speech?

3.  There are “revenge porn sites”. Do you have the legal right to demand that a picture of you be removed – or does this infringe on Free Speech?   dozen more have laws in the pipeline.  Does this change the role of governance of the Internet?  You might want to check out Arizona and California laws that have been passed recently. How do they differ?

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