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Explain how the proposed training program may facilitate to enhance the overall organisational performance.

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Based on your familiarity with an organisation, identify a situation that could be addressed by an employee training program. The assignment can be based on an organisation as a whole, or a specific division or a department or a sub-unit.

I want to base it on the fact of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and its recent scandals where the culture of risk was more towards profits and bonuses at the detriment of the customers who were not exactly looked after in some of these deals eg. Insurances/investments advice from financial planners within the banks staff.

Using relevant concepts, theories and models of Strategic Human Resource Development (SHRD) your task is to write a report covering the following:

• A description of the organisation, and explain the need for a training program to address its current problem

Once you have identified the need for training, develop a proposed training program by justifying:
o the key content to be covered in your proposed training program;
o delivery method/s of the proposed training program;
o potential learning outcomes; and,
o explain how the proposed training program may facilitate to enhance the overall organisational performance.

• In your recommendation section followed by the conclusion, address how the proposed training program will enable improvement and/or change in performance. Here you are providing recommendations to the top management for the utility of the proposed training program.
Important assignment instructions
The required word length for this assignment is 2500 words (plus or minus 10%).
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