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Explain the two types of nonverbal communication.

1. Explain fully Deborah Tannen’s concept of “genderlects.” Explain the two categories of


communication skills identified by Burleson and when people tend to seek out each type.


Explain the two types of nonverbal communication discussed in class. Explain the use of


and importance of becoming an effective listener and discuss the types of non-constructive


criticism and why it should not be used. Think honestly about your own communication –


do you tend to engage in constructive or non-constructive communication? Are you happy


with this style? Why or why not? (chapter 3)


2. Compare and contrast the ancient Greek and Roman approach to human sexual behavior to


the 19 th and 20 th century American approach to human sexual behavior. How does religion


play a role in how Americans view abortion, contraception and same-sex marriage? Finally,


discuss how the feminist movement of the late 1960’s played a role in the sexual revolution


of that time period. Was this a good thing or not? Why or why not? (chapter 1)


3. Explain gender roles and discuss the process of gender role socialization throughout the life


span. Explain the four theories that seek to explain gender role development and explain


them fully. Which of these theories do you believe has the most merit and why? (chapter 4)

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