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Explain what their two contrasting perspectives are regarding the role of affective (emotional) experience in decision making.

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Compare and contrast different perspectives on the role that emotions may play in decision making at the workplace. Additionally, think through different methodological effects and the results that are associated with them.
Please begin by reading the Baron and Kenny (1986), Seo and Barrett (2007), and Ashforth and Humphrey (1995) required articles on the background page, then:
• Analyze the conceptual differences between and meaning of mediation and moderation effects in the context of differing perspectives on the role that emotions play in decision making.

Regarding the Seo and Barrett (2007) article, please:
1. Explain what their two contrasting perspectives are regarding the role of affective (emotional) experience in decision making.
2. Explain how those two perspectives relate to Ashforth and Humphrey’s (1995) four institutionalized mechanisms (for regulating the experience and expression of emotion in the workplace).
3. Explain whether hypothesis 3 (“the relationship between affective reactivity and decision-making performance is stronger for those individuals who are higher, rather than lower, in affective influence regulation”) reflects a mediation hypothesis, a moderation hypothesis, both, or none, and why.
4. Describe the IV, the DV, and any mediator/s or/and moderator/s in hypothesis 3.
5. Draw a graph that presents the effect that is presented in the hypothesis. Use the x-axis to represent the IV, and the Y-axis to represent the DV.
6. Discuss the extent to which Seo and Barrett’s (2007) findings support hypothesis 3. Please provide a detailed response, and support your argument.
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