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The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions: Asian and European countries data analysis in stata

Project description
i will provide the document later
Added on 27.06.2016 19:40
i have already got the literature review. so I dont need this part. also the introduction and conclusion do not needed.
I just need you continue the main part of the dissertation which is data analysis and present in stata and it must be done by us not someone who has already done it. !! we should find the data by ourself!!! it is very important!!! i will sent you a essay tomorrow. you can write as the same structure as that . thank you. also i have sent you the literature review part
Added on 28.06.2016 11:11
hi I have sent you a document which is very useful for you to follow. please write the whole dissertation follow the same structure from the 3 and 4 part of that document. which is material and method, result and discussion. which means you need to find the data (the data could be a specific company in asian and european ) a empirical or theoretical method could be used in the essay. page 141 and 142 will be very important. our essay should have similar work like this. you can present the work as that essay in a table or you can present in stata. I got two data but I am not sure it will help or not. If it is not help. please find the data you think is more useful to use. one important please remember whatever use stata or in a table . the figure must be done be us not other people. you just need to follow the 3&4 part of that essay.
Instruction files

1478651_revised_file.doc(1,45 MiB)
impact_on_stock_price.pdf(446,80 KiB)
ma_statistics_-_worldwide_regions_industries_countries.xlsx(5,46 KiB)
1ma_statistics_-_worldwide_regions_industries_countries.xlsx(5,43 KiB)

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