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The importance of brand strategy for famous enterprise in China market

major: management word:3000 reference: 50

Title:The importance of brand strategy for famous enterprise in China market

Please have to look at the attachment before writing!

This is resubmission dissertation, previous dissertation did not pass, If this part is written well (recognised by my supervisor), the rest of the dissertation I want to you continue to write for me, so please do your best to help me complete it.

We know that this part(literature review)should be have some previous studies/research about my topic, and also need what we do not (yet) know about the research field, need some criticality, argument .(Attachment:There are sample dissertation and supervisor’s comments, specific requirements about it)

The literature(previous research)only needs to be related to the subject (importance of brand strategy, brand…) not necessarily looking for Chinese literature.

I need a clear research area, not too board , need narrowed the research area.

This chapter very importance, is an instrument for next, next chapter( about methodology, findings and discussion),more specifically, in methodology part ,all question of interview and questionnaire is related to this chapter (literature review), and also the findings, analysis will basis of it, so please help me do it well, thank you so much!

If I want to continue to hire you to completing the rest chapter, how do i contact you, could you tell me your name?

Three attachment:
1. final vision(only literature chapter)
2. revised edition(only literature chapter, there are some supervisor’s comment and requirement)
3. final vision (full dissertation)

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