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Write a research paper about any one topic covered in chapters 3-8 of the book. For instance, in Chapter 3, the topics to choose from (see Table of Contents) are Early Greece, the Classical Perio

Write a research paper about any one topic covered in chapters 3-8 of the book. For instance, in Chapter 3, the topics to choose from (see Table of Contents) are Early Greece, the Classical Period, Classical Greek Art, Greek Theater and Music, Classical Greek Philosophy, and the Hellenistic Age. Be sure to highlight one artist, thinker, music, etc., from the area you choose to cover.

Your paper should have 8-10 paragraphs and be 1000-1200 words. Please use an original title identifying both the topic and the individual you are focusing on.

Intro should discuss the issues, innovations and accomplishments of the locale and/era and how your chosen individual fits into the era and how he or she was a leader in developing the time.

The body should cover in some fashion what Bishop says and then amplify through research.

Your conclusion should sum up what you think is gained from knowing and investigating your topic. Your thesis should appear in the conclusion (underlined).

Sources: You should have FOUR research sources, including Phillip Bishop (author of the textbook). (1) All four sources must be cited in your paper by AUTHOR’S NAME EVERY TIME YOU SUMMARIZE, QUOTE, OR PARAPHRASE. (2) Then you must give page documentation for printed sources and paragraph number for uppaginated sources. (3) Finally, you must have a Works Cited entry for each source ALPHABETIZED BY AUTHOR’S NAME. There must be a perfect match between authors cited in the text of your work and authors listed in the Works Cited. Do not use any sources that are not both CITED by author’s name AND listed in the Works Cited.

Be sure that all quoted sentences and even 1-2 word phrases are in quotation marks. This includes the textbook.

That means that you must find three sources in addition to the textbook, and that the sources must be sources that identify an author. NO ANONYMOUS SOURCES. The sources must be PROFESSIONAL or SCHOLARLY sources—no student sources, no encyclopedia sources (including Wikipedia). Use the Research tab on the main page of the website for help. You may use photographs from any source you like. You do not need to include the photograph sources in your Works Cited—simply put the link location for the photograph in parentheses below the picture.

The purpose of the paper is to explore an era of Humanities study in a way that cannot be accomplished by simply reading the textbook.

Access the sample MLA paper to see what MLA format looks like. DOUBLE-SPACE EVERYTHING, including the heading, block quotes, and the Works Cited. Use Times New Roman or Arial, 12 point font only, one-inch margins all around. Provide a four-line MLA header on page one (no cover page), a header with page number on every page, a page break between the paper and the Works Cited, a Works Cited with the title centered, sources listed and alphabetized by author’s last names.

Use a hanging indent for the Works Cited entries. Don’t try to make up your Works Cited form. Instead, use the MLA sources provided under the Research tab. A wordprocessing guide has also been provided so that you can do header, double-spacing, centering of titles, indentation of block quotes, and hanging indents the correct way. Please use Word.Formatting WILL count as part of your grade.

Turning in the Paper

To turn in your paper click on the submission point at the top of the column on the right and follow the prompts.

This will send the paper file to me.

PLEASE do not plagiarize. Plagiarism will result in a grade of zero.

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