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Describe how a sample of DNA is collected and prepared for study

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Discuss scientific and technical concepts related to DNA profiling. Consider the following:

Describe how a sample of DNA is collected and prepared for study.

State the steps involved in determining the DNA sequence of a sample.

Discuss one type of DNA sequencing and the steps involved in that method.

Provide an example of the application of DNA profiling and discuss its efficacy related to this particular application. Consider the following:

Why is DNA testing important to this application?

What questions are addressed in this application?

What are the unique steps or techniques in this application that must be followed for it to be effective?

What alternative methods might be employed to address the same questions that can be answered via DNA testing?

Provide a minimum of two scholarly references. These scholarly references should be peer reviewed and from authoritative sources.


Write your initial response in 2–3 paragraphs. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.



Write a paper which includes the following:

  • Evaluate current or future applications of biotechnology in the fields of medicine or agriculture.
  • Provide at least three real-world examples of current or future applications of biotechnology in either of these fields. Present a minimum of three reliable references.

Write a 2–3-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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Running xxxxx xxx PROFILING 1

DNA xxxxxxxxx

Student’s Name


xxxxxxxx xxx x sample xx DNA is collected and xxxxxxxx xxx study.

xxxxxx DNA can be sequences xx altered through genetic engineering, xx is xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx be a difficult xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx that cells xxxxxxx a xxxx xxxxxxx xx compounds xxxx xx fats, proteins xxx xxxxxxx Biologists make use xx chemicals o separate xxx from its components and prepare xx for further studies xxxxxxxx 2009). The xxxxxx xxxxxxx is xxxxxxxx xx xx xxx extraction. xxxx xxxxx is employed xx DNA xxxxxxxxxxx The sample containing xxxxx is first considered xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx is a xxxxxx xx DNA xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx detergents cause xxxx to xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxx frequency xxxxx xxxxxx Alternatively, xxx xxx xx mixed xxxx glass beads xxx vibrated rapidly which xxxxxxxxxx breaks xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxx the steps involved in determining xxx DNA sequence xx a

– – – more text follows – – –

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xxxxxxxxxxxx of Biotechnology

xxxxxxx’x xxxx


xxxxxxx or future applications of biotechnology in the xxxxxx of xxxxxxxx

Biotechnology xx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxx industrial xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxx nonfood uses and environmental xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx concepts xxxx x xxxx xxxx field xx science. Medicine xx by xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx been embraced through biotechnology and xxxx xxxx employed in disease xxxx and treatment xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Below xxx xxxxx applications xxxxx are used in medicine, xxxx xxxxxxx and future xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx proven xxxx useful to xxx modern xxxxxxxx


Through biotechnology, xxxxx xxxx xxxx urbanized. Research has xxx to xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx significant aspects, which xxxx been used xx xxxxxx xxxx xxx field xx xxxxxxxx continues xxxxxxxxx Large protein chemicals are xxx sources xx

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