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Discuss How can you use negotiation effectively when you find yourself in conflict with someone?

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week six first messages

first messages

Please select one of these first messages during this week\’s discussion and post your individual initial response.
This activity will count toward discussion, as a part of your 8 required posts. To receive full credit for participation; the post must be 250 words, include a substantive discussion point, a reference and an example that emphasizes the point made. References can include the text, as well as other appropriate academic resources that are no more than 5 years old. It is encouraged that you post at least one day early in the week so that you don\’t get behind trying to juggle assignments and discussion.

You may also select a topic from the reading for additional participation / discussion topics. Please post those following the same requirements noted above, posting under the appropriate sections. Initial posts will be flagged with 4 required initial posts. Additional posts may be in response to a classmate; however the content must be 200 words with substantive point, additional examples and references if needed to support your point.

· How can you use negotiation effectively when you find yourself in conflict with someone?
· What are two types of negotiation you might use when implementing change? When might you use each type?
· Discuss an example of when you have seen negotiation used effectively.

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