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Discuss how Children learn to Read and Comprehend.

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A literature Review Chapter for a Masters Dissertation.
1. What is reading? Why do we do it?
2. History of Guided Reading within the UK system.
– Rose Review – critique phonics
– Reading by Six – critique starting to young
3. What is guided reading and what is it’s purpose?
4. Critique of the National Reading Panel Article.
– how did they select articles?
– is there any recent research since?
– has anyone else done a meta-analysis?
5. Do these skills promote Reading Comprehension?
6. Is it an effective method and Is Guided Reading suitable for all ages?
– zone of proximal development
– Wolfe 2015 Education 3-13 Journal
7. What should be in an effective Guided Reading session?
– Group with the teacher
– for the rest of the class.
8. Can it help EAL children learn to read.
9. Other methods – Reciprocal Teaching.
10. Good school policy and management.
– Effective training and induction.

I have notes that I will send for each section.
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