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Discuss how Diseases challenge our capacity to adapt and survive to a constantly changing environment and contribute to the selection of the fittest.

((I am going to paste a friend of mine discussion just to see)) .An issue affecting my region in occupational health is factory work. Some plants produce sheet metal as well as screws and other forms of industry needed in our world. My mom, for instance, works at J.L. Clark. They produce vast quantities of metal used for tobacco cans and even Snapple lids. While it may seem harmless, she is in conditions that are loud (machinery) and cause hearing damage as well as the chemicals in the air in that particular factory that are unsafe for workers lungs. Even though the plant provides ear plugs, she still has sensory issues. “The second most commonly self-reported occupational injury or illness is noise-induced hearing loss” (Friis, 2012, pg. 360).

Another example of an occupational health risk in my area is roofing. While roofing provides jobs in my region and pays greatly many are overexposed to high temperatures and sun damage. Heat stroke, as well as skin cancer, is just two huge factors these workers have to take consistent precautions against in their work day. “This year, more than 76,000 cases of melanoma will be diagnosed in the U.S., and more than 9,000 deaths will result from melanoma” (Lushniak, 2012, pg. 362). The education is out there on sun exposure yet people tend to ignore it until they are faced with issues such as cancer.

An unintentional injury in my region is motor vehicle accidents. There is a higher prevalence of motor vehicle accidents as soon as spring weather hits. Motor vehicles are harder to see for some individuals. “In 2013, more than 1,100 people in Illinois were killed in motor vehicle crashes” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013). My uncle’s best friend died last year. A seventeen-year-old made an illegal turn right in front of him. He had been riding motorcycles for nearly forty years. Many people say most people do not look for motorcycles. Taking extra precautions and knowing your surroundings at all time is the safest way to drive any day of the year.

Finally, a waste management issue in my region is hospital waste. “The United States produces more than 3.5 million tons of medical waste annually: (Friis, 2012, pg. 335). The hospital I currently work at does not recycle. Everything goes into a trash compactor unless it is in a red biohazard bag/bin. This kills me. So much paper and other recyclable goods are tossed daily. I feel in places such as hospitals that recycling should be mandated. So much waste comes from them every year. “Diseases challenge our capacity to adapt and survive to a constantly changing environment and contribute to the selection of the fittest, the million years’ legacy that has secured life up to where we stand now” (Contino, 2016, pg. 48). Most people look at issues or problems after they occur. Why not maintain something like one\’s health throughout rather than try and fix severe problems after they arise?


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