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Explain the differences in the burden of proof within civil cases and to the burden of proof in criminal cases

Consider the differences in the burden of proof within civil cases, as opposed to the burden of proof in criminal cases, A plaintiff wins a civil lawsuit if the plaintiff is 51 percent convincing, and then he or she collects 100 percent of the damages. In a criminal case, the standard id beyond a reasonable doubt.

WRITE a research paper of 700 words comparing and contrasting civil cases and criminal cases.
REFLECT on the following questions as you write your paper.

Should a plaintiff suing a business in a civil case be required to prove his case beyond a reasonable doubt, or should a criminal standard be less stringent? Do too many criminals achieve a acquittal because the jury could not agree on the high standard of beyond a reasonable doubt?
USE at least two external resources as support, in addition to the text book, ( Legal Environment by Jeffrey F Beatty, Susan S Samuelson 9781133587491)

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