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. Describe a contemporary issue in health care and explain why it presents a challenge in clinical practice.

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Assessment Task Content. Please use current references within the last 6 years. This is not an essay, please write on the topic base on the four main points below and use the points as the heading for each section. Please use my require text as part of the reference:

Levett-Jones, T. (Ed.). (2014). Critical Conversations for Patient Safety: An Essential Guide for Health Professionals. Frenchs Forest: Pearson Australia.

Contemporary Issues in Health Care in Australia

Topic: Polypharmacy for older people

Your assessment should address the four main points:

1. Describe a contemporary issue in health care and explain why it presents a challenge in clinical practice.

2. Identify the issues for people affected by this problem including the impact on individuals and their communities or workplace.

3. Critically discuss strategies that could be considered for implementation in the acute care AND primary health care/community setting (including cultural considerations) to address these issues.

4. Describe the implications of these issues for advanced practice nurses and nurse practitioners in terms of their need for education, resources and support.

Polypharmacy for older people – Hubbard RE, Peel NM, Scott IA, Martin JH, Smith A, Pillans PI, Poudel A, Gray LC. (2015) Polypharmacy among inpatients aged 70 years or older in Australia. MJA 202 (7) 373-377

Marking Criteria
Comprehensive description of contemporary issue and associated challenges provided. Sources cited were relevant to the topic and comprehensive in scope and quality.

Comprehensive response describing impact on individuals and communities/ workplaces. Well supported by appropriate literature and/or policy documents.

Excellent critical discussion of strategies that are specifically to the issue including cultural considerations. Extensively supported by relevant literature and practice guidelines/ recommendations.

Describes implications of issues and strategies for APN/NP for education, resources and support. Extensively supported by relevant professional and evidence based sources.
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