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This paper needs at least 8 references please make sure they are peer reviewed and not a book. Preferably they have to be within a 5 year time limit. Please send me the particular problem that you choose to write about first so that I can approve it as soon as you can. Also you may have more than 10 days please send a request for additional time and I will give it to you.
Prepare a research paper that discusses a particular problem or issue in human resources. The papers should include four major components:
1. A description and significance of a human resources problem or issue chosen;
2. The question or issue to be addressed;
3. Your views, position or proposed solution; and
4. Support for your position (including references).

The research paper is to be no less than 10 pages, double spaced, not including a Cover Page, Table of Contents, and Reference Page. I expect no less than 8 references, only peer reviewed. The research paper is to be presented in APA (American Psychological Association) style of citing references. Failure to use APA Style will result in an automatic 5 point reduction.
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