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Describe the situation and identify the specific human resources issue faced by the public administrators.

Project description
In Module 6, you were introduced to public human resource administration concepts. In particular, you reviewed the concepts of patronage, civil service, recruitment, performance appraisal, discrimination, and labor relations. Please identify a story or issue in the news that illustrates a public human resources issue with which a public organization is grappling. In particular:

Provide a link to a media story or evidence-based report from 2015 or 2016 that illustrates a public human resource administration issue from one of the categories listed above.
In your own words, describe the situation and identify the specific human resources issue faced by the public administrator(s), who also should be identified.
Elaborate upon the human resources issue. What is the broader issue? Is related to partronage/corruption or civil-service neutrality? Who are the key players involved? How are they opposed? Are there public administration values and ethics at play? Be sure to explain why you answers these questions they way you did.
Based on your answers to the previous questions, summarize the issue and provide a recommendation based on the knowledge you have gained from this module

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