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Discuss the drivers for change.

Project description
Putting Change into Action

Before implementing any change, effective leaders take the time to carefully consider exactly what types of change are necessary to bring about the desired end. You should identify those areas where change would be most beneficial, as well as any potential obstacles. When combined with an understanding of the system that you hope to influence, these are all critical steps and each increases the likelihood that meaningful and long-lasting changes can transpire.

Based on your readings in Hickman (2010), respond to the following and be sure to note the relationship to your Capstone Project and include relevant examples from your lifes Mission and Vision statements:

What are the drivers for change and what types of leadership are going to be required for change to occur?

What is the change practice you intend to deploy?

The change that I want to put into action is Eliminating Blighted Properties in my community. I will attach my paper on eliminating blighted properties and a sample paper of what this paper should look like.

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