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Discuss three learning theories and relate their relevance to adults in Higher Education.

Project description
I have started the essay choosing 3 learning theories as follows:
-behaviourism (Pavlov, Watson, Skinner)
-Humanism (Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow)

I would be grateful if you could stick to them or if you have any better ideas if you could inform me first
1. 1.5 line spacing
2. Academic font (Times Roman, Arial, Courier etc)
3. Student number (not name) on a header in every page
4. Page numbers at the bottom of each page
5. Accurate word count declared on final page
Formal, researched and referenced essay presented according to academic
conventions (LOs 1,2,4,5)

Id rather be contacted by email as I work a lot and I cannot be reached most of the time.

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