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What are the three main steps in steel production? Explain.

Please listen to all of the attachments audio and answers the following questions in a 2 page , please do not use google as a reference theses question please use the audio to answer the question it will go through plagiarism check please make sure that the originality of the paper is 100% and 0% plagiarism. also make sure to not write the paper in a very academic way because english is my second language.

again do not answer these question from the internet it need to be answered from the audio attached to this order and the word count should not exceed 600 word thank you !

these are the following question needed to be answered from the audio attached:

What are the transportation options being used for bringing scrap to the facility? 5 points

Who are their customers? 5 points

What are the three main steps in steel production? Explain. 10 points

Are they over or under capacity? What are the reasons for that? 5 points

How does the steel price impact downstream supply chain businesses? 5 points

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