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What quality improvement and Lean strategies and techniques do you find most useful? Why?

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Final thoughts on QI, Lean

You have been introduced to many strategies and techniques of quality improvement based on Lean. For most of you these techniques have been new and understandably challenging to master. Please use this final discussion board to post your opinions on the pros and cons of applying Lean techniques in your career as a health professional. There are no \”right\” or \”wrong\” answers. Some of you may have been transformed into Lean champions with plans to utilize many of these strategies in your career. Others may find that while some of the techniques are useful others do not seem like a good fit for your career path. In addition, there are barriers to using Lean techniques that many of you have noted in your efforts to apply them in your current settings, such as lack of understanding and buy-in from peer professionals. Remember, you do not have to answer all of these questions. Pick the one\’s that are most relevant to you. I am most interested in your engaging in dialog with your classmates on these questions.

What quality improvement and Lean strategies and techniques do you find most useful? Why?

Which quality and lean strategies and techniques did you find least helpful? Why?

Why do you think quality improvement and Lean approaches are important in healthcare reform? What is the importance of quality improvement and Lean in emerging models of integrated care, such as the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) or Accountable Care Organization (ACO)?

What are the greatest barriers that you have encountered or anticipate in trying to apply quality improvement and Lean techniques? How can you overcome these barriers?

What are effective approaches to introducing quality improvement and Lean to healthcare professionals who do not have training or education in these approaches? What approaches are not likely to be effective?

Do you have any questions for your classmates or instructor about quality improvement and Lean?

Do use at least on citation (reading, web site, etc.) in your initial post.

Enjoy the discussion!

Dr. O\’Donnell

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