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Discuss the current state of the healthcare infrastructure is in Cameroon

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Please complete a thorough editing on my attached prospectus with comments on the side.

Additionally, craft a one page paper with additional research on the problem statement. See comments below:

Your Problem Statement should contain information regarding:

What the current state of the healthcare infrastructure is in Cameroon

What literature is related to women of child-bearing age seeking hospitalization?

What literature there is regarding women of child-bearing age seeking health care services?

What the gap in the literature is about the perception of women of child-bearing age regarding their access to health care services.

I do not see these areas covered in your Problem statement, thus you do not currently have a foundation for your research topic.

In addition, you need to consider that you are looking at a population that rarely seeks hospitalization. Women of child-bearing age typically seek hospitalization only for childbirth, and that is only if they do not have their child at home. If you want to study the experience/perception of access to hospitalization for women in childbirth, then that is what you should state, and that is the literature you should review.
However, if you want to look more broadly, then you should look at women of child-bearing age seeking health care services generally (i.e. medical clinics and hospitals).
You also mention social insurance in several places in your Prospectus. Are you going to have this as part of your Problem Statement as well?
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