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Project description
Student will choose an addiction, behavior, or habit that they currently possess and will
attempt to terminate this habit/behavior for 4 weeks. An
should detail your experiences in stopping your chosen substance, behavior, or habit, as well as relate your
learning to the concepts presented in class or in the readings.
Weekly reflections will be helpful
to assist your memory when writing your paper. The following is expected to be included in
your paper:
The substance or habit chosen for the experience and the reason(s) for choosing this
substance or habit;
A discussion of triggers, high risk situations, cravings, withdrawal, coping strategies, slips,
dreams about use;
An analysis of your use of defense mechanisms like denial, minimization, rationalization,
and projection;
An analysis of the reactions of significant others toward you.
An analysis of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and reactions throughout the 4 weeks;
An application of this experience to you as a professional in your chosen field

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