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explain : Dubai as a Smart city in Education

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1/select one of the proposed innovation type ( Business Model)

2/select one of the sources of innovation (P. Drucker/ Changes in industry structure or market structure that catch everyone unawares”)

3/select one of the part of smart city ( Education)

4/paper to follow academic research methodology

5//1.5 spaced/NTR font 11/

from point 1 and 2 we should link them together and talk about how they should be or affect the smart city(Dubai) in doing business model to Changes in industry structure or market structure that catch everyone unawares”

Therefore, my paper should lead to something that might be published in public and a good scientific paper. as i mentioned in point 3 ACADEMIC RESEARCH PAPER ( Qualitative PAPER)

i will upload a file that talk about drucker\’s point 2 so you can have an overall view of it.

below are few hints you can use them:
1-Table of Contents+ Pagination
2- Abstract
3- Introduction:
a- it should not exceed 20% of the total report.
b- Why it is important.
c- what motivated us to make this project.
d-how other had contributed to this field( most prominent people).

e- the road map to the rest of the paper.

4- Literature Review minimum 5 articles:
a- starts with most recent ones
b- summary table at the end of our literature review.
5- Research Problem and Hypothesis:
a- Rationale and statement of each hypothesis
6- Methodology:
a- Sample and Data collection
b-Reliability of Constructs
c- Profile of the respondents
e- Analysis
7- Techniques used in the analysis and rationale of using them: 1- Descriptive statistics / 2- Inferential statistics
8- Results
9- Conclusion
10- Your findings
11- Their implications for academics and practitioners
12- The limitation of your study
13- Venues for further research

Moreover, some of my hints might not been linked to the qualitative paper, however you can at least understand what am looking for.
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