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Explain the effects (minimum of three effects) of socio-economic influences on health.

Project description
Should be in form of report. References use should be between 2006 to 2016.
1.1 Explain the effects (minimum of three effects) of socio-economic influences on health.
1.2 Assess the relevance of government sources (minimum of three governmental reports) in reporting on inequalities in health.
1.3 Discuss reasons for barriers to accessing healthcare.
2.1 Define and explain at least two models of health promotion.
2.2 Explain the role of professionals in meeting government targets for health promotion.
2.3 Explain the role of health professionals in health promotion and discuss the importance of establishing routines for healthy living.
3.1 Define the concept of health belief and examine three health beliefs that are present in the UK society.
3.2 Discuss the possible effects of potential conflicts with local industry on health promotion.
3.3 Explain the importance of providing relevant health-related information to the public.

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