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Purpose: Write a modest proposal for solving a contemporary problem imitating Swifts satire and organizational strategies.

Project description
1.Purpose: Write a modest proposal for solving a contemporary problem imitating Swifts satire and organizational strategies.

2.Topic: A contemporary problem of the students choice.

3.Audience: One appropriate to the students topic, perhaps one that is partly responsible for the problem.

4.Organization: Must follow the structure of Swifts A Modest Proposal : describe a problem and trace its causes (Swifts pars. 1-7), present a detailed description of an obviously absurd proposal that satirizes those responsible for the problem (pars. 8-20), describe supposed advantages of the proposal by presenting them in separate paragraphs like Swift (pars. 21-28), include realistic/sensible solutions to the problem in the form of a rejection of an opponents plan (pars.29-30), present a conclusion that continues to support the proposal and satirizes those involved (pars. 31-33).

5.Methods: Like Swift, adopt a persona of a very well informed, rational, articulate projector who appears concerned about the problem. Try to include examples of irony.

6.Suggestions: Write about a problem that you are familiar with and possibly one that you might be able to research. Some students have written about the following contemporary problems: problem of parking on campus, registering for classes, transportation on campus, food service in dining halls, overcrowding in dorms, over population of geese, homeless people, unwanted teenage pregnancy, underage drinking, global warming, the economy, corrupt politicians and CEOs, lack of urban development, dependence on oil, etc.

7.Please be sure to include visuals (graphs, tables, charts, photos, or drawings).

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