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advantages and disadvantages of local control and educational bureaucracies

Project description
Week Three Reading
Spring, J. (2013). American Education (16th edition)
Chapters 8-9
Unit Three: Policy Issues in Education and Teaching.
In this unit students will explore Policy formation in American Education with special attention to policy development at federal, state, and local governmental levels. Moreover, students will explore No Child Left Behind, high stakes testing, the teaching profession, and teacher unions and other organizations such as NEA.
Chapter Eight Overview
In this chapter, the power structure and control of schools is examined. The advantages and disadvantages of local control and educational bureaucracies are discussed. In addition, alternatives to traditional school structures are presented. Issues surrounding privatization and commercialism in public schools are explored.
Chapter Nine Overview
This chapter examines the roles of federal, state, and local governments with regard to the funding of and control over education. The changing roles of the federal government in controlling education directly and indirectly are discussed. The platforms of the two major political parties are discussed. Finally, the consequences of high-stakes testing are thoroughly examined.
Essay: Compose an essay (minimum 500 words) in which you examine the social and historical contexts and related legislation that led to the adaptation of Common Core Standards. Discuss the impact of the legislation on your teaching and on your profession. Be sure to integrate your own thoughts as well as the information from the reading assignment. APA format is required for all essay assignments. Use required text as one of the sources

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