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explain Cultural Group Interview Report

This my instructor\’s instruction of the assignment. you will need to find an organization to interview that works with a specific cultural group in a therapeutic setting. Your interview will be based on cultural considerations during the counseling process. You will then submit a 5 minute video of yourself presenting your findings. We will brainstorm different cultural groups during the first class. Please note, if possible, I would ask that you choose a culture different from one you identify with. Your 5 min presentation to blackboard will outline what you have learned from your visit. Please feel free to be creative with your presentation, I ask that you do not use power point unless it is in a creative manner. The purpose of this is to educate yourselves and your fellow classmates. . Questions for Agency Interview; • Are there any specific cultural considerations to remember in working with this population? • Specific considerations that may be perceived as resistance? • How to best establish a rapport? • How is mental health perceived with this population? •

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