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how issues of race, class, gender, and ability complicate the equality of educational opportunity.

Project description
Week Two Reading
Spring, J. (2013). American Education (16th edition)
Chapters 5-7
Chapter Five Overview
This chapter looks at how issues of race, class, gender, and ability complicate the equality of educational opportunity. The social and legal dimensions of race and gender equality are examined. The chapter also looks at the legal and social dimensions of equal educational opportunities for special-needs children.
Chapter Six Overview
In this chapter, the educational implications of the changing demographics in the United States are discussed. The educational needs of immigrant, Mexican American, Asian American, and Native American students are explored. This chapter also provides a discussion of the historical treatment of these cultural minority groups and looks at the impact that U.S. legal policies have had upon the education of these groups.
Chapter Seven Overview
This chapter provides an overview of the different pedagogical approaches toward multicultural education. In addition, ethnocentric models of education are examined. This chapter also provides an overview of the different models of bilingual education and English as a Second Language programs. The importance of protecting language and cultural rights is examined.
Week Two Assignment Journal
Identify a California Common Core Standard from http://www.cde.ca.gov/be/st/ss/documents/ccssmathstandardaug2013.pdf
that is appropriate for your teaching area or grade level (which is southern California elementary level grades kindergarten through 5th grade). Be sure to employ APA formatting to cite the standard and describe where it is located. Discuss an activity that you might design to meet the standard.

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