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Research article review …see attachment for article I have provided

Project description
Hello…so this paper based on a research article review. (research article is attached)

I need someone to Proof my paper for APA and correct grammar to polish up my sentences if needed. I think so of my in paper citations need help!!!!!!!

I also need to check for plagarism and keep the turn it in score under 25%.

I have done most of the paper work for you but I need the last 2 paragraphs completed!!!!!
I have added and highlighted in yellow the questions to each paragraph to let you see how the paper was formed.

You can restate anything in my paper if you have a better way of reanswering the questions that would be so helpful… You will have to edit my writing and condense some information becasue the paper needs to be 4 pages MAX! so you can delete the highlighted questions once you feel the paper has answered it to make more space.

The sources are already included so no need to add more 😉

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