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Create an advertising campaign for the new chocolate brand and create a brand name for it.

Project description
Question 1

A)Create an advertising campaign for the new chocolate brand and create a brand name for it. You need to justify each and provide a discussion on the basis of the perception and memory process as indicated in the question. (be analytical)

Include (product involvement)

B) understand a classical conditioning theory. Classical conditioning needs to be explained, as the process in which two stimuli are associated, and highlighting the role of the relevant response. justification on the suggested campaigns needs to be provided.

Questions 2

a The stages of the decision making process needs to be well discussed, all stages need to be mentioned and discussed correctly. Some answers did not refer at all to the five stages of the decision making process. Then provide any relevant tactics for McDonald\’s. then you need to justify this tactics.

b What is a dissonance? Discuss all the post purchase dissonance/ cognitive dissonance theory. refer to the process and provide a relevant discussion/ explanation or tactics to decrease the dissonance. Finally, the inconsistency between behaviour and attitude, which is the main cause of post purchase dissonance, needs to be incorporated in the discussion.

i don\’t need any reference. be analytical and justify everything make examples
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