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define Coaching Plan

A Coaching Plan is a document that outlines the performance context, overall aim, skill assessment and progressive means by which to advance towards the achievement of the overall aim. It tends to comprise an audit of the existing skill set, an outline of the desired skill profile, and use a specified model (such as CLEAR, GROW or ACHIEVE) to provide focus and address the performance gap in a coherent and progressive manner.
Given the focus of the plan is performance enhancement (as opposed to a remedial focus), a ‘towards strategy’ facilitates the process. The Coaching Plan may incorporate a range of performance diagnostics designed to gain accurate insight into the performer’s actual performance and inform a clear pathway to the ideal performance state.
Within the Coaching Performance Plan include:-
a) A model of coaching covered on the module.
b) An introduction to the client: – information relevant to the client’s context and performance aspirations.
c) An audit of the current skill level. Show evidence of your having conducted a performance appraisal.
d) Your tracking progress and responding to feedback with appropriate activities or adaptations.
e) An evaluative commentary of the effectiveness of processes undertaken (with minimal description of approaches used). Offer a critical analysis of the effectiveness of approaches implemented. Outline ‘lessons learned’ and activities for improvement.
I suggest in this assignment you treat the Coaching Plan as an outline for improvement for someone who is already successful in the job.

This is distinct from a Performance Improvement Plan, that is designed for someone who is not performing up to expectations in their current role.

all details please see assignment files.
I will upload a sample of this task.

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