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explain How Barclays May Implement a Enterprise Gamification Strategy After a Merger

Following a merger, a company based in either the call-centre, or banking industry (can be the same organisation as studied for your first assignment) has recently undergone a major restructure. As a result a large number of staff have become displaced and disengaged which is negatively impacting productivity. You are required to critically discuss how the company may implement an enterprise gamification strategy towards engaging and motivating its employees.
Your analysis should suggest appropriate approaches which the organisation might adopt to address these issues through an enterprise gamification strategy, and mitigate possible risks whilst capturing or enhancing the benefits of the selected approach.
Your report should be guided by relevant theories and concepts and it is important to include academic research to underpin your analysis and critical findings where applicable. Initially refer to appropriate books/journals from the module guide recommended reading list.

the structure should follow below:
1. Introduction (I have finished)
2. 2.1 Enterprise Gamification (i have finished)
2.2 Case Study (Presented two or three case analysis, interpreted the gamification is how to apply into the enterprise management (I only wrote a case, still need to add))
2.3 Benefits and disadvantages about gamification
3. Management Recommendations
3.1 strategy
3.2 The possible impact and the result of the analysis of the strategy
4. Conclusion
• Appendices (details of any analysis, other relevant information)

NOTE: I have finish 1. Introduction (I have finished) 2.1 Enterprise Gamification (i have finished), please help me to finish rest of these parts. I will upload my draft, please check it.

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