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Describe the prevalence of alcohol use in Australia and its contribution to the Burden of Disease.

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I have written 2400 words of a 4000 word essay. Split into 3 parts (with headings included in paper) First part is describing the prevalence of alcohol use in Australia and its contribution to the Burden of Disease. (I will provide you with the 2016 BoD report that has just been released.2nd part is discussing alcohol uses\’ association to menbtal and physical conditions. 3rd part (bulk of the essay) is writing about the efficacy of psychological interventions in producing behaviour change with respect to alcohol use. This can not be AA etc, but individual or group therapy work.

Where I wojuld like my argument to be is that a more holistic long-term approach to treatment utilising mpore than prodminantly CBT strategies and motivational interviewing such as long term therapy and dealing with the complex underlyong factors driving alcohol use would be beneficial. The bulk of the research i have notivced is on Motivational interviewing Brief intervention therapy and CBT based strategies.
My 2400 words are unedited and need fine tuning and adding to. the difference inn drinking patterns, projected outcomes for section
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