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Discuss the effect of task type on interaction and learner\’s performance in terms of fluency and accuracy

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-To address the comments in Chapter 3
-I have attached the transcripts from the 3 groups and read the methods in Chapter 3 , and analyse the data in Chapter 4 accordingly (tests, LREs, fluency and accuracy)
-analyse the Quantitative data (tests, language-related episodes, fluency and accuracy)
-Edit and expand the Qualitative data
-The analysis needs to be specific
-To edit and improve the abstracts of the dissertation based on the topic and results

-I need Two abstracts for Conferences: based on my data
One abstract (300 words) to send on 29 July – focusing on ‘fluency and disfluency’
another abstract (1000 words) to send on 29 August focusing on ‘Tasks in context’
You can have a look at the following link for fluency
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