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Write a report on the strategic resourcing and talent management approach to be taken within a fictitious organisation

This assignment requires you to produce a report on the strategic resourcing and talent management approach to be taken within a fictitious organisation. In week 1 of the module you will be assigned to a group. This group is a ‘company’ operating in a specific industry and location. You will be given details of the scenario for your company in week 1. (Andrews Engineering Company) you can find information about this company named company background which I uploaded.

As a group you are required to do the following:
1. Define a vision of success for your company;
2. Analyse the current workforce in your organisation (your module tutors will provide you with basic information on your workforce), identifying both areas of strength and gaps that require development;
3. Develop a strategic resourcing and talent management plan to address the vision of the company. This should include consideration of the employee markets outside of the organisation as well as existing employees.

this is the structure of this report:
Executive Summary (excluded from the word count) 5%

This section should provide a summary of the main points and conclusions of your report. Someone should be able to read your executive summary and know the main outcomes of your report. It is NOT an overview of what you will cover in the report (this is an introduction).

Table of Contents (excluded from the word count)

Data Sources 2.5%

This section should include an overview of the kinds of sources you have consulted when completing this report. This is not a Harvard Style reference list, which is included at the end of your report, but a list of the general source types e.g. peer-reviewed journal, government report, CIPD research report etc.

Introduction 2.5%

This section should contain the introduction to the report. You should include the purpose of the report and the remit of the report (what will and will not be looked at). You may also include summary background information about your company here (detailed information can be included as an appendix)

Company Vision 10%

You must provide a clear vision of what your company aims to achieve over the next 20 years. This vision must be broken down into specific objectives that your company will need to achieve in order to realise the vision. It is expected that you will relate your vision to relevant models of business strategy (e.g. Miles & Snow, 1978; Defender, prospector, analyser).

Analysis of Current Workforce and Employment Markets 20%

Here you should include your analysis of the workforce currently in place in your organisation. You can refer to the information provided by the module tutors but it is expected that you will also conduct independent research into the workforce profile of the industry sector and geographical position your company is based in.

You should research relevant employment markets that new members of the workforce could be drawn from. You should engage with a variety of relevant and credible sources to analyse employment markets. The best pieces will consider issues such as the future of these employment markets, trends such as employment market segmentation and provide a critique of the data sources and identify how this impacts upon decisions that can be made in regards to resourcing and talent management.

Strategic Resourcing and Talent Management Plan 50%

In this section you are required to provide an in-depth discussion of the resourcing and talent management strategy you would recommend in order for the company to achieve it’s objectives. In this section we would expect to see a discussion of whether you are adopting a best practice, best fit or resource based approach to your strategy (or indeed another type of approach).

You should include a high-level overview of your strategy. For example, your strategy may revolve around being an ‘employer of choice’. We would expect you to discuss how this strategy will enable you to meet the company’s vision as well as discussing the possible limitations.

You must then identify the operational practices you would put in place to implement this strategy and discuss them (e.g. social media recruitment, assessment centres, executive coaching, leadership development program). It may not be possible to discuss all your practices in depth given the word count. In this case select at least one resourcing and one talent management practice to discuss in depth. You should include a justification of why the chosen practices were selected (e.g. you could argue that they have the highest potential for impact).

You should identify how your practices fit together to provide a coherent resourcing and talent management strategy.

Conclusion 5%

You should summarise the work presented in the main body of the report.

References 5%

Appendices (not included in word count)

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