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What happens if someone gets hurt during required fitness, whose liability is it?

Project description
You are to write a 2 page paper addressing fitness requirements at your own department. Do you feel they are adequate or do they need to be revised or perhaps even drafted because you don\’t have any in place. Make an argument that it should be a requirement completed on duty and justify your reasons for doing so. Are there consequences for not participating, how can it be enforced, what happens if someone gets hurt during required fitness, whose liability is it? These are all issues as an administrator you would want to address.

(Ill let you make up what you want for this paper. I do prefer that you aim towards being PRO WORKOUT within the department. I will also add that my department does require that everyone gets at least 1 hour of gym time a day but it is not enforced and not many of the firefighters workout, sadly. Like with any injury on duty, the department pays for all medical visits if someone is hurt on duty.)

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