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explain Design report

Project description
For the group scheme rejected at the feasibility presentation stage prepare a design report that contains the following:
Added on 14.07.2016 17:29
This individual submission needs to be a design report based on the cable stayed option similar to the previous final group submission. No word/calculation limit. It is up to you to take a view as to what is representative of an individual students effort when compared to that made as a whole in the final group submission considering the project brief. This has been taken into consideration when setting this individual resit brief given the time available to you.
Instruction files

h23gdp_project_brief_1516_resit_v1_final_12.07.2016_1_.pdf(131,80 KiB)
h23gdp_project_brief_1516_v3_final_07.02.2016.pdf(349,30 KiB)
feasibility_presentation_final_2_.pptx(5,32 MiB)

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