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Do mergers between data-driven companies translate in consumer benefits?


Title: Economics of data in a consolidating environment: do mergers between data-driven companies translate in consumer benefits?

Word Count: 5000 words
Referencing: Harvard Style
Structure: Literature Review applying Microeconomics theories and frameworks, Case studies and Empirical evidence if possible (Data analysis, Regressions, etc).

-Literature Review: Provide Comprehensive and Critical Evaluation of Relevant Literature
-Understand and contextualize theories and frameworks within the broader academic literature

Economics topics to Potentially cover: Market power, Network effects, Consumer Surplus, Deadweight loss, Price discrimination, Imperfect Competition, Barriers to entry, Absolute Cost advantages.

General topic description: The topic focuses on the antitrust treatment of “big data” that might affect interesting transactions as for example the recent announced Microsoft-LinkedIn merger. The Dissertations aim is to evaluate is to set the environment of showing that big data companies currently find themselves in a consolidating environment with big players merging or buying each other. However, the main question relates to critically evaluating if such mergers are beneficial or harmful to consumers.

Introduction should answer these questions:
Why is this topic important?
What is the main argument in this report and why?
On what evidence is this argument based?
How is the argument structured? (based on what streams of literature, frameworks, models, etc.)
What are the implications of this argument

Relevant Sources: (please look at references and sources within these papers for further interesting white papers/books/articles/data).








Case Studies:


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