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What is the role played by women in “Umm Khanur”?

hi,I have an assignment in Arab Film , you have to watch the films first then answer the questions , you also can find answers in the chapter that I attached

the films link is here

Weekly Questions # 2
1. What is the plot of the short film “Umm Khanur”?
2. What is the role played by women in “Umm Khanur”?
3. How do you understand the meaning of the title of the Saudi film “Six Blind Eyes” and what are its implications?
4. Comparing both movies – “Six Blind Eyes” and “Umm Khanur” – what central message is each conveying to a Middle Eastern audience? Can you find any universal message in each film?
5. Shafik describes in her Introduction how Western film imagery, technique, and the language of the media have been adopted BUT also transformed by native Arab cinema by revaluating and repackaging these. Can you explain “Umm Khanur” and “Six Blind Eyes” in the light of Shafik’s approach?

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