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Explain how your new world view shapes your goals and actions for life.

A Personal Narrative:
A Sentence Outline of the Assignment

Describing How You Relate to an Experience:
A Personal Narrative
I. Write an introduction to the experience using a rhetorical tool.
A. Use a rhetorical tool to set up the point: background, analogy, anecdote, pointed question, statistic, quote in context, expert opinion, fact, or other tool.
B. Express the thesis (main idea) that you derived from the experience.
II. Describe an experience you have had. (This may take several paragraphs.)
A. Detail the particular experience.
B. Enumerate the feelings it stirred up in you.
C. Give examples of how the feelings evolved (as irritation can turn to hate, or enlightenment can turn to joy).
III. Extend the point of your experience into how it changed your thinking about human nature, how the world works, or how you see your own possibilities.
A. A topic sentence sets the idea and tone of this paragraph.
B. Details explain consequences.
C. Examples illustrate how the ideas played out.
IV. Explain how your new world view shapes your goals and actions for life.
V. In conclusion, sum up what you see in the experience and how it changes your world-view.

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