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Think Like an Applicant

submit a two page reflection paper (double spaced, 12 font) in which you \”Think Like An Applicant\”. Select a specific demographic group (working mother, African American teenager, twenty year old gay male, etc.) in which you \”Think Like An Applicant\” from that specific group. Prepare an employer\’s recruitment strategy or plan in which you are assigned to successfully recruit this general demographic group\’s qualified members to your organization. What unique benefits of a company would appeal to the group that you selected? Why? Identify specific recruitment tools (specific names of media, newspapers, recruitment fairs, etc.) and include as much as possible price information to use these resources. What is the turnaround time after advertisement placement to its appearing in the media? \”Think Like the Applicant\”. As always, contact me if you have any questions. Your answers will be credited on the specificity of the unique resources and tools that you describe for attracting your particular applicant demographically. ( please relate to the power point slides I uploaded in the paper )

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