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Explain the mission of the NIH? What goals are in place to assure that the NIH achieves this mission?

This quiz assesses your ability to research laboratory safety and policy information. Specifically, you must go to the grant funding agency listed below and evaluate how organizations applying for funds from that agency must adhere to key guidelines.
Scientific research relies heavily on funding from various governmental, non-profit, and for-profit agencies. These agencies all outline specific regulations that govern how research laboratories must conduct experimentation. From the ethical treatment of humans and animals in
research, to the use of cells and organs in experiments, there are specific guidelines that all laboratory personnel must adhere to.
Adherence to policy is demonstrated when researchers publish their scientific findings. Research articles usually include an acknowledgement section which lists their funding support. This area of the acknowledgement section confirms that the experiments conducted complied with regulations and policies related to that particular type of research –such as human, animal, or cultured cell lines. These compliances are assured by internal review boards and committees at each research institution.
For this quiz, you will evaluate the research policies of the National Institutes of Health (NIH, http://health.nih.gov/). For this agency, you must:
1. Explain the mission of the NIH? What goals are in place to assure that the NIH achieves this mission?
2. Outline the NIH grant application process from the planning stage through the post-award management phase.
3. Summarize the roles and responsibilities of three NIH and Health and Human Services (HHS) staff members in the grant application process.
4. Explain how the NIH ensures the humane treatment of animals in NIH supported research.
5. Summarize the most recent NIH policy on the inclusion of women and minorities as subjects in clinical research. Explain why this policy is necessary.
**All answers must be written in complete sentences. The resulting paragraphs must contain at least 150 words.

****Please make sure to use your own words as answers will be checked thoroughly. Any student who plagiarizes will be turned in to the Office of the Dean**

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