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Ohm\’s law

PHY 132
Lab Title
Name: ____________
Partners: __________, __________
Section: _____ Group #: _
TA: ____________
Write a brief summary of your report here. It shouldn’t be any longer than two
paragraphs, and can be shorter if you are skilled at being precise. I’m looking for major
results and conclusions.
If there are no numbers here, you are not being specific enough. If there is only a
sentence or two stating the results of your measurement you are not really summarizing
the report.
Experimental Data:
Include all of your data here. That includes EVERYTHING you measured in class. (not
necessarily just the data you put in the computer and graphed. There is probably more.)
Also, it is okay to include calculated results here, including errors. This is NOT the place
to do your calculations, but you can display the results here.
Tables are really nice for organizing data. They are not required though.
If you are not using tables, then maybe have a “subsection” for different kinds of data.
For example:
Part 1:
Inner radius = XX cm
Outer radius = XX cm
Part 2:
Inner radius = XX cm
Outer radius = XX cm
Just make it really easy to identify what you measured, what the measurement was, and
This is where you will show all of your calculations. This will generally include
many equations. Be sure to include all of the following:
• State the equation you are going to use. (example: F=ma)
• Define the parameters. (F is the force in Newtons, m is the mass in
kilograms, and a is the acceleration in m/s^2) This could be done in many
ways. You could have a list of all your parameters and their meaning at
the beginning of this section; you could define each parameter as they
appear in the report, or any other way that ensures that any reader could
identify what all of your symbols mean.
• Explain any derivations. If an equation is given in the lab manual then you
can generally just use it, but if you have to combine any equations to get
the one you are using or the source of your equation is in any way unclear
you should explain where it comes from.
• Actually show your calculations. Just because you wrote down the right
equation doesn’t mean that you used it correctly, so if you show me the
numbers you used I may catch small errors you made and take off fewer
points than if you just show an equation and a result that is incorrect.
o If you have to do the same calculation many different times you
can show a single sample calculation and then just list the various
results, but still show at least one calculation for each different
equation that you use.
• There should always be some sort of error calculations as well. That may
be calculations of percent error, percent difference, or error propagations,
or all of the above, but there will always be some sort of error that you
need to calculate and show.
Please do your best to organize this section in such a way that it is easy to identify
what calculation you are doing. Also, this section does not need to be typed. If it is easier
for you to simply write out your calculations and then include that work here, that is
okay. Please, please be sure that I will be able to read your work EASILY.
Here you answer questions about WHY you did the things you did. Show your
understanding here. For example, why did we use the slope of your graph to calculate
whatever value? For what purpose was a particular step included in the procedure?
Here you just briefly wrap up the report. Restate the most important results and
make some conclusions about what those results imply. Did you achieve your objective?
Possibly identify some application of this material to the real world.
You need to have your signed data sheets and graphs attached to this report. Whether
they are included where they belong in the body of the report, or simply attached here at
the end, I don’t care. They can even be attached as separate files when you submit your
report, but I’d rather you not do that if you can include them somewhere in the report.
Remember, the most important part of your report is that it be CLEAR! If I can’t read it, I
can’t grade it.

The First upload material is how the lab report should look like.
The second upload material is the Lab Manual which is all the information about the lab.
The third upload material is my measurement in the lab and the experiment measures and my notes.

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