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What did the writer himself / herself have to say about this piece of literature?:FRANKLIN The Way to Wealth

choose one or more of the following as the subject of your research:

-What did the writer himself / herself have to say about this piece of literature?

-What did other writers / thinkers of the same time period have to say about the work?

-What do experts today think about this work?

Use examples from the work itself to support or argue against the findings you harvest.


REMEMBER the syllabus specifications for this paper:

-Must be documented according to the current MLA Style.

-Use only sources from the Abilene Library Consortium (HSU, ACU, MCM, HPU, and APL).

-Database articles should be printed out and attached to the paper w/ borrowings highlighted.


-The text of the author’s work must be a source.

-In addition, you need to cite from at least 3 and no more than 6 critical sources. Essays, articles, critical biographies, and critical introductions work well; book reviews, encyclopedia entries, and synopses do not.

-No hand-written papers will be accepted.

-Papers should be 5 pages in length before the Works Cited Page.


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