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Defining the Epidemiology and the Three Types of Prevention

Go to the Outbreaks Near Me website and see what disease outbreaks are currently taking place in your area. Spend some time interacting with the website, and choose a disease that interests you. Research this disease on an authoritative website (ex: NIH, CDC, WebMD, American Heart Association, Mayo Clinic, etc.) or textbook. From your research, start a new discussion topic to create a primary paper that provides:

1. An example of an epidemiological study conducted on this disease (please download a .PDF of your chosen study, if available, or cut and paste the contents of the study into a Word document so that you can attach the study to your initial post).
2. A list of the modifiable and non-modifiable characteristics that can lead to this disease.
3. One prevention method that is currently utilized to reduce this disease within the population and if this method is primary, secondary, or tertiary prevention.

From your initial paper, it should be evident that you can:
1) define epidemiology and
2) understand the three types of prevention.

Be sure to cite at least one source that is a book, e-book, e-journal or newspaper, or authoritative website.

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