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Describe the developmental stage theory of Erik Erikson.

Project description
Please use your own words and be particularly careful to cite sources, and to
identify quotations where appropriate, and use only course resources.

For the first two items, describe the central concept of the theory. It is not
necessary to list the stages.
1. Describe the developmental stage theory of Erik Erikson. (5 points)
2. Describe the developmental stage theory of Jean Piaget. (5 points)
For each of the following questions include specific reference to at least one of
the assigned readings, Insight Books or videos. (For example, \”as stated by
in the article titled …)
3. Identify the shift that occurs between the Sensori-motor and early
Pre-operational stages in Piagets cognitive theory. (30 points)
4. Identify the shift that occurs between the first and second stages in Eriksons
psycho-social theory. (30 points)
5. What do infants and toddlers need from families and caregivers in order to
reach their full potential in the areas of physical/motor, social/emotional and
cognitive/language development? (30 points)
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\\\”Development of Children and Adolescents\\\”. Hauser-Cram, Nugent, Thies and Travers (2014) Wiley ISBN 978-1-118-88049-1. That is the book

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