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Describe Dunkin Donuts

Project description
For example, for street parking, be sure to include where the closest drop off point or designated accessible parking is located…
Also be sure to include things such as height of counter and clearance for w/c below counter in this report
Added on 21.09.2016 17:09
Accessible approach and entrance
(Ramps, route of travel, parking and drop-off areas, entrance)
Dunkin Donuts is a one level coffee and donut shop which is located (ADD ADDRESS) on ground level with no steps to negotiate, therefore there is no ramp. The route of travel is accessible because the block has large open spaces for 24 feets as well as curb cuts on both sides of the shop. Parking and drop-off areas present a barrier. Parking is very limited on the street. There are no drop-off areas present. If an individual is able to find a parking spot, they will have difficulty getting onto the street because the curb is high. Another barrier is the entrance. There is only one entrance to get in which includes two doors. After opening the first door, there is a mat that does not have secure edges and is a tripping/slipping hazard. The doors do not have an automatic push button for handicap accessibility.

follow ADA checklist

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