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Discuss the Economics of the Firm – Hikvision

-At least 10 pages, double space. (APA) Do not directly copy from website or other paper, at least paraphrase. This paper will be checked online by Professor. Thanks.
-Including some Appendix (such as calculation, tables, charts, which will be used for economic analysis), please find Hikvision data from website and other sources, and then do analysis to support your argument and concept
-Four sources + textbook (Most sources should be from research paper, not like a simple website, at least famous website)
For this paper, you must write it based on the company (Hikvision), textbook and the main areas of interest, which you must cover.
-During the paper, use as many as real life examples to support your argument and describe your concept. At least 8 examples (real life experience or examples). Professor likes examples.
-Hint: focus on the most important point and two important concepts. But please do as many as concepts and points if you can. The above 9 points must be covered at first.

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