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Explain The Halloween effect in stock markets

1. Depends on literature reviews part i uploaded, complete the dissertation. This is what i have done by now, and it also can be used or not.
2. These are the word count percentage of each part: Abstract Chapter 3%, Introduction Chapter 7%, literature review Chapter 30%, Research Methodology Chapter 10%, Findings Chapter 20%, Discussions Chapter Chapter 20%, Conclusion Chapter 10%.
3. In analysis part, data have to be used from secondary data. And this will be stated in Methodology part.
4. Graphic comparison is necessary in analysis part. For example, the graph need to show the compare of The Halloween effect in stock markets in different counties in 2 or 3 different years, or the compare of The Halloween effect in a stock markets in different years. Data base can use whether US stock markets or UK or Euro stock markets, it also can analysis each of them but at least one country as main part.
5. To create a content is essential. Read carefully the “DISSERTATION CONTENT AND STRUCTURE” section of the dissertation handbook uploaded.

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